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Interesting Facts About MG (Morris Garages) You Probably Don’t Know – Common Problems – and PDF Manuals for Download…

MG (Morris Garages) may not be a very popular car brand compared to the likes of Ford, general Motors, and Toyota.

But the car company has really made a name for itself in the industry.

With innovative ideas and ground-breaking technology, MG has managed to design, produce, and assemble some of the best automobiles the world has ever seen.

The company was incorporated in 1928 after the partnership of Morris Garage and Cecil Kimber.

This fusion and union of minds of two geniuses brought about one of the best success stories in the automobile industry.

There is a mystic and aura about MG cars that has kept MG customers very loyal for many years.

Till today, MG sports cars are some of the best sports cars in the world.

This feat was achieved by relentless efforts to produce and manufacture affordable, safe, and unique cars with features and designs distinct from other brands of cars in the world.

Although MG is more popular for its two-seater open sports car, the brand also produces other types of cars such as coupes and saloons.

MG business was owned and managed solely by Morris Garage until he offered shares to the public in 1935 to expand the company’s production capacity.

This move to go public expanded the company and made it one of the biggest sports car manufacturers in the world.

MG automobile has gone through several ownership changes from its inception down to the new millennium.

In 2000, it merged with the MG Rover group and later sold to SAIC automobile in 2008.

The MG Marque car model was manufactured continuously from its first production in 1928 (except during the Second World War) until 1980 when the company’s factory in Oxford was closed.

At that time, it manufactured several model cars for the British Motor Competition and was used in several car racing sports.

Production was then revived in 1995 when the revised two-seater roadster was manufactured.

One of the most notable achievements in the history of MG automobile is the development of MG Marque.

This car set the pace for others to follow in terms of overall design, speed range, and energy efficiency.

The car model became very popular in the 60s, and any car lover who has not driven an MG Marque was not taken seriously.

The car barged several awards and, although there have been several new revised models, many people would still love to own that very first model.

The manufacturing technology used at that time was not seen anywhere else.

In the 1930s, the slogan, “safety fast” was used to describe the MG Marque model.

The slogan actually defined what the car is all about.

It’s designed with the best safety technology but built to compete favorably with the best sports cars in terms of speed.

This is why most loyal MG customers would rather stick with their MG cars than anything else.

The unique design of MG car brands gives you control of your environment and allows you dictate the level of comfort you want.


MG Car Problems and Solutions

Cars are bound to have one problem or the other as time goes on. If you own an MG car and have experienced some electrical or mechanical problems, you are not alone.

These things can happen but the most important thing is to know what to do in order to solve the problem.

Here, we are going to look at some of the most common MG car problems and proffer solutions from the repair manual.

Leaking water into the boot

Sometimes you may experience water leaking into your car’s boot.  The main problem here might be the car’s foam gasket found at the rear lights has dropped on the TF.

To stop the leak, dry the carpets effectively and replace the foam gaskets to prevent wetness from setting in.

Soft top problems

If your car’s window flips out, there may be a broken plastic material in the door. This will cause water to leak into the car since the window doesn’t sit properly.

To solve this problem, you need to change the defective plastic clip. When the plastic clip is changed, your car window will be properly sealed which prevents any water leakage.

Noisy exhaust

If you are driving and notice your car’s exhaust is making extremely loud noise, the flexi-exhaust joint has torn apart.

This sound becomes very loud when you want to startup the car.  If you discover that the flexi-exhaust joint is the cause the most ideal solution is replacing the exhaust joint with an OED replacement part.

This should certainly stop the noise and give you peace of mind.

Rusty coolant pipe

This problem is very common among many car models. Coolant pipes can rust after an extended use, and they may cause more damage if not taken care of.

If your coolant pipe has rusted, the best thing to do is replace the coolant pipe and refill with coolant.

Suspension making a squeaking noise

If your MG car’s suspension makes some noise when you turn your steering wheels, the top mounts and bearings are worn out.

These parts are not expensive and should be completely replaced to prevent any issues in the nearest future.

You may also like to look into the strut assembly and springs to see if they have been affected.


When we talk about class and innovative designs, MG car brand is ahead of others.

The company has really done well in the automobile industry with high quality car models designed to meet the needs of customers who prioritize safety and efficiency to other things.

Although new models of the brands have not been produced for a while, the previous models are still making wave in the industry.

However, there can be electrical or mechanical issues with some models of the car as they cover a good level of kilometers.

If you own an MG car, going through a car repair manual will help you discover how to solve your car’s problems now or in the future.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about MG – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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