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As the world’s first automobile manufacturer, the story of Mercedes-Benz is one that has inspired many automobile manufacturers in the world today.

The company began business in 1886 and has gone ahead to become a car manufacturing giant many other companies are aspiring to become.

Mercedes-Benz is a pacesetter in performance, safety, and driving enjoyment.

As a history maker, Mercedes-Benz decided from the onset that quality will be their watchword. Interestingly, they have kept to that mantra till today by rousing the production of high quality automobiles unraveled by no other car maker.

Most new car manufacturers today drew their expertise from the wealth of technological know-how available in Mercedes-Benz.

Going back to history, Carl Benz was the principal founder of earliest petrol powered car.

He, along with his wife Bertha Benz, Wihelm Maybach, and Gottlieb Daimler, marketed the first Mercedes automobile in 1901.

Mercedes-Benz is headquartered in Stuttgart Germany, with several other manufacturing plants located in many countries of the world.

Mercedes-Benz provides a wide range of heavy commercial, light commercial, and passenger vehicles for different uses. These models include Mercedes Class A, B, and C.

Class A is a hatchback while Class B is a general purpose vehicle. The class C models comprise cabriolet, estate, and saloon cars.

Other models include sport scars  ( AMG GT), Roadster (SLC Class), Grand Tourer  (SL Class), Luxury saloon  (S Class), G Class (SUVs), E Class, and a host of others.

Manufacturing of these automobiles takes place in different countries worldwide.

There have been a number of innovations in recent years to ensure Mercedes-Benz continue to remain top class in the car manufacturing industry.

A lot of features have been included in the recent models of the brand to make it more unique. One of such outstanding features is the Tele Aid Mbrace.

This is a revolutionary technology that provides navigation features, convenience, and advancing suit of technology.

It connects drivers to their Benz cars through computer or smartphone, allowing them to easily resolve issues or problems with their cars.

With this feature, you can quickly navigate to areas you find on Facebook friends, Yelp, or Google.

Another excellent innovation system is the Pre-safe technology which alerts drivers on imminent car accidents before they occur.

The software can easily read through situations and detect if there is a possibility of an accident.

It reacts moments before the impact by adjusting the front head restraint to improve the efficiency of the restraint system.

There are many other technological breakthroughs Mercedes-Benz has been involved with in recent years.

The car manufacturer has also embraced the current trend in the manufacture of electrically powered vehicles.

In fact, Mercedes-Benz is leading the chase in that regard.

Once electric cars have been rolled out to all nooks and crannies of the world, there’s no doubt that Mercedes-Benz brands will be among the best.

Overall, Benz is still the world’s most iconic car manufacturer, and car owners understand that the brand will always provide a luxury and comfortable riding experience.


Common Mercedes-Benz problems and solutions

Although known for their efficiency and attention to details when manufacturing, some Mercedes-Benz cars are prone to issues, especially when they have immersed a considerable level of mileage.

The next section in this article previews the most common electrical and mechanical problems faced by Mercedes-Benz car owners.

Solutions to these problems will also be provided from the repair manual.

Mercedes Turn signal doesn’t work

If your Mercedes Right Turn or Left Turn signal has stopped working, the problem might be one or a combination of these issues: faulty bulb, bad relay, blown fuse, combination switch or faulty SAM module.

To solve this problem, check to see that the turn signal bulb is properly working and replace anyone that’s faulty.

When replacing, make sure the bulb has the right wattage as your previous turn signal bulb.

You also need to check the turn signal fuse panel and replace the relay if it’s faulty.

Sometimes, the hazard warning switch might get stuck and prevent the turn signal from functioning properly.  Turn the switch off and on several times to release it.

Engine misfire problem

This is a very common problem experienced in most Mercedes-Benz cars.

In reality, the problem is not that Mercedes cars are poorly manufactured but because most car owners do not change their car plugs at the right intervals.

If your car is having a misfire engine problem, you will notice strange vibrations and poor engine performance.

To fix this issue, get an OBDII code reader to help you diagnose the problem.   Keep your car’s dash lights on and keep the car in a quiet mode.

This means the ignition should be turned at position two.

With the OBD scanner, go to the port under your car’s dashboard and scan thoroughly for any fault.

The most basic problem would be a bad sparkling plug.

Remove and replace the defective plug with a new one. This should most certainly stop the misfiring.

Key fob has stopped working

If your car’s key fob has stopped working, you may be dealing with a defective key or the AAM does not recognize the key signal.

The most obvious solution is changing the car’s keyless remote battery.

AC system not working

If your Mercedes car’s AC system has stopped working or it is working but not circulating any cold air, it could be a faulty AC amplifier or the car’s refrigerant level is empty.

To solve this problem, refill the refrigerant and get a revised AC amplifier.

Parking Break failure

This is common with all types of cars. When you experience parking break failure, you will need to adjust the break.

Adjusting your Mercedes-Benz car’s break should fix the problem.


Overall, Mercedes is a luxury car that still remains very relevant today, despite the fact that it’s the first automobile manufactured in the world.

The above are some common issues with different Mercedes models. However, these are not the only issues you will experience with a Mercedes car.

If your car is having a problem not explained here, there is always the repair manual to guide you.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about Mercedes-Benz – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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