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Mahindra is an Indian car manufacturer and the flagship company of the Mahindra Group, the holding conglomerate company.

Mahindra was incorporated as Mahindra & Mohammed in Ludhiana, in the Punjab province of British India as a steel trading company by the Mahindra brothers and Malik Mohammed.

After independence and the partition of India, Mohammed moved to Pakistan, and hence the Mahindra brothers took full control of the business, rebranding it as Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

It automobile offerings is branded simply as Mahindra.

It began its automobile business by licensed manufacturing the classic Willy’s Jeep for the Indian market.

In 1963, it partnered with International Harvester and started manufacturing tractors for agricultural use. In 1969, it started exporting light utility vehicles and spare parts.

Mahindra has been well known for its agricultural tractors, utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and sports utility vehicles.

In 1971, its partnership with International Harvester ended and Mahindra took it upon itself to design and manufacture tractors completely without external partnership.

They entered into a partnership with Peugeot in 1979 to manufacture diesel engines, and with KIA motors in 1982 for manufacturing of transmission assemblies.

Ever since 1999, Mahindra has been offering various offerings of electric vehicles as well, most notably the Mahindra Reva, which is available in the export market as well.

As of 2017, they offered two electric cars and one electric light utility commercial vehicle.

Mahindra launched the Scorpio in 2002, which was its first indigenously developed MUV.

It went on to become a great success, especially in the Indian market.

The Scorpio is also exported to other countries, often in complete knockdown kits (CKD) to be assembled locally.

After refreshing Scorpio for many years, Mahindra unveiled the XUV as another indigenously designed MUV. In 2011. It, too was a successful product.

Mahindra acquired a controlling stake in SsangYong Motors after its ownership with a Chinese company ran into trouble.

The company also started manufacturing motorcycles and scooters. The company also makes various vehicles for use in the defence sector.

Mahindra entered the US market in 1994, setting up a headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The company produces various tractors and all-terrain vehicles in the US.

It has manufacturing facilities in India, China, UK and the US.

In the US, Mahindra offers a wide selection of tractors and multi-utility. Mahindra had planned to import CKD kits for mini-trucks and pickups, but negotiations with a local supplier failed.

Hence, the plans for importing mini trucks into the country has been put off indefinitely, and currently only Mahindra tractors and all-terrain vehicles or multi utility vehicles.

Common Mahindra Car Problems

While Mahindra vehicles are known for being rugged and utilitarian, it is necessary to have a proper maintenance manual.

Especially for vehicles like commercial vehicles or agricultural tractors, regular maintenance is key so that the vehicle is ready when you are.

Also, note that Mahindra vehicles are known to be pretty utilitarian.

If you have a technical manual, you can look into the technical specifications of various components and consider any viable upgrades.

A technical manual also mentions the problems commonly observed for your particular model of vehicle and informs you about how to identify it and what early signs to look for.

If you are able to spot a problem in the early stages, you can save on a major repair and solve the problem with a much easier fix most of the times.

Mahindra tractors are priced a bit lower than other brands in the market, but they lag behind the market leaders in terms of reliability.

Some of the issues often reported with Mahindra tractors are:

  • Some users have reported of leaking hydraulic fluid, requiring major repairs. So, check for any small leaks to the hydraulic systems regularly.
    If you are able to spot the leak before it becomes a big one, then you may have many more options to fix it and save cost on a complete replacement of the broken or kinked pipe.
  • Mahindra’s after sales support service in the US is not exactly known to be great. So, if you have a technical manual describing all the details of your car, you may be able to work something out with your local mechanic; even if the manufacturer does not provide the appropriate or satisfactory resolution to the problem.
    However, never forget to consult your mechanic to get the best solution to this problem.
  • Some users of Mahindra cars report fuel leakage problems. Again, a technical manual will help you spot the leaks and stop the earlier so that you can check where you should be looking for leaks.
    If you are able to spot it early, you may not need to replace the entire fuel lines.
    But isolating the leak when it is small, you have many more options to mend the leaking fuel line without replacement.
  • Some users have mentioned engine smoking problems. While this is a serious problem, it can be easily averted by regular maintenance and upkeep. A maintenance manual will go into detail of the aforementioned issues and much more.
  • There are also reports of users complaining of losing screws and nuts falling off.
    A technical manual will give a description of the screws, allowing you to easily put them back so that whatever they are supposed to hold does not come off.


Mahindra is one of the cheapest brands available on the market these days.

The lower production budget cannot provide the same quality as the more expensive options.

However, with a maintenance manual, you will be able to maintain the tractor for a good condition.

A technical manual will help you address issues as you face them, in case you do not get assistance from the dealer or the manufacturer.

Hence, having a maintenance manual and technical manual is very helpful.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about Mahindra – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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