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Lotus Cars is a British company that specializes in manufacturing sports and racing vehicles. The company has a high status in the manufacturing of luxury and sports cars.

It is situated in Hethel, Norfolk, England, and has operations all over the world. Lotus Cars is now owned by a Chinese company, namely Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

The company also produces automotive parts for other vehicle manufacturers and owns Lotus Engineering Consultancy, which operates in multiple countries.

Research and innovation are the mainstay of the company that allows it to make consistent improvement on the products to stay ahead of the competitors.

With custom made vehicles and sleek designs, Lotus Cars has been present in car races around the world for many years.

The most popular Lotus car models include Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora, and Lotus Exige S.

Lotus Cars Growth Trajectory

Lotus Cars, as a limited private company, was founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman and Colin Dare, both of whom were engineers by profession.

The first factory of the company was situated in London before moving to Hethel due to the presence of better facilities. Different car models produced by the company actively participated in formula one races from 1958 to 1994.

Introduction of new car models was almost yearly during the early years of development.

Lotus Cars had been leading the world with innovation by developing air conditioning, automatic transmissions and high-tech engines, such as four cylinder DOHC engine, V8 and turbo versions.

However, the company’s fortune suffered in the early 90s as it faced financial difficulties due to the economic recession spread worldwide.

Being a company that produces luxury products, it was hit the most.

The ownership of the company had changed hands several times with the latest acquisition taking place in 2017.

The car continues to manufacture high-end sports cars and its latest launch was Lotus Elise that contains aluminum extrusion frame and composite body shell with a weight of 866 kg.

It takes 4.6 seconds to reach from 0 to 100 km and its top speed is 240km/.

Another notable vehicle made by this company is Lotus Evora S car with a mid-mounted, transverse 3.5- liter V6 engine, rear drive.

The car is large enough to fit tall people with a cooled boot behind the engines that can accommodate a set of golf clubs. The latest model has a top speed of 360km/h and an acceleration speed of 0-97km/h just in 3.9 seconds.

The car is also equipped with a 6-speed automatic Aisin with intelligent precision shift and 6-speed manual Aisin.

The continued success of Lotus Cars is based on innovation, aggressive marketing and production of custom-made products.

High-quality and durable builds with state-of-the-art designs are the defining features of Lotus vehicles.

Although the company cannot immediately get back to the formula one races, with its current investment on research and innovation, the good old days in formula one might return.

Having won up to seven annual races, Lotus Cars is more than capable of returning back to the world of champions.

Lotus Car Manual

Lotus car manuals are the instructive booklets containing information about the vehicle repair procedures, services and how to operate the vehicles.

The booklets have several pages that are detailed enough to help you maintain and use your car in the safest manner possible.

This information is important for you to reap the full benefits of your money. The book has been written by the manufacturer of the vehicle with the specific information considered crucial for a common man, which will enable you to operate the car without major difficulties.

Utilizing the manuals can help you save your money and time, and increase your safety while using the car.

What Specific Information Does Lotus Manuals Contain? 

The manuals contain information with regard to many parts of the vehicle and their use; for example, the ignition key, car alarms, identification number, seat belts, gear system, airbags and so on.

The information about these parts of a vehicle is accompanied by their importance, use and caution on how, why, when and where to use them. Every Lotus vehicle contains many features that help the user enjoy their vehicle to the fullest.

To fully realize the benefits of your vehicle, you need some clear instructions on how each part of the vehicle works. The user manual is the instrument that aids you in that endeavor. Further, effective operation of different systems within the car is critical to ensure full efficiency.

Air conditioning system, Audio system, heating, and ventilation system, engine braking system and their operational procedure have been contained in the manual for your benefits.

The manuals also contain information about the services and maintenances of the Lotus vehicles; the areas of the vehicle that need to be serviced and the interval period of that service; the type of service you need to conduct, be it replacement, repair adjustments and alignments; and the type of spare parts and other materials you need to use and what not to use.

The manual also contains specifications on the level of certain variables that you are supposed to adhere to, such as tire inflation pressures, the grade and so on.

It is the duty of the user of a Lotus vehicle to read and understand the manual in order reap the full benefits from the vehicle.

However, many people ignore the importance of the manuals or fail to adhere to the instructions and warnings in the manual, which in some cases lead to fatal accidents.

The document is prepared by the manufacturer with the knowledge that has been gathered during the production of the vehicle. It is a professional advice that should be heeded in order to avoid the tribulations that may come with the use of this playful but risky machine.

One mistake can lead to a fatal injury and if the mitigation measures that have been described clearly in the manual are followed, there is no need to suffer the consequences.


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