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Lexus is a car brand known for uninhibited performance, relentless innovation and inspired design. The company has established a strong presence in the automotive world and is regarded as one of the best luxury car manufacturers in the world.

For those who want class, authenticity, and exquisite design, Lexus is the first choice that comes to mind.  The world’s automotive industry has actually improved tremendously because of the Lexus brand of cars.

What makes the brand stand out among other brands is their unrelenting effort to produce cars with industry leading technology.

The journey towards the establishment of Lexus as one of the finest luxury cars in the world began in 1983. Eiji, then Toyota chairman, decided to manufacture Toyota’s brand of luxury car for the affluent population who want high quality car with class.

This was when Lexus was born – a luxury car offering dignity, elegance, safety, speed, and unique design.

By 1989 LS 400, the first Lexus car, was introduced. After that remarkable launch, Toyota had gone ahead to introduce other models such as Lexus IS, GS, SC, and ES.

In addition to that, luxury utility vehicles like Lexus RX, GX, and LX, were introduced. Today, the Lexus car brand is seen as one of the finest piece of car manufacturing ever made in the world.

The company is always looking for innovative ways to improve their already impressive models of cars. One of such innovations is the 3D carbon fiber loom used in the design of their latest car models.

What does this mean and what will it add to the car’s overall quality? Well, Lexus decided to make use of carbon fiber to design the LFA supercar instead of the conventional aluminum because it’s both stronger and lighter.

The innovative utilization of carbon fiber helped the brand achieve cost efficiency, consistency and accuracy in the manufacture of the LFA supercar.

While the brand is always looking for innovative ways to use traditional materials, it’s also testing new materials to improve the overall quality of Lexus models.

For instance, the Lexus LX is designed with highly durable steel materials with a complete reengineered wood technology.

Presently, Lexus has 4 major manufacturing facilities in the world, which includes facilities in Kentucky, Motomachi, Ontario, and Tahara. The Tahara plant is considered one of the best car manufacturing facilities in the world.

Since its launch more than 30 years ago, Lexus had gone on to become the most sought after car luxury brand in the world. This was achieved through a concerted effort to maintain quality and unique design, backed by intensive research and development of the highest standards.

It’s no surprise that the Lexus F class has included the LFA supercar and different F sport models that leave people in awe of admiration.

With a complete line of luxury cars and the interest to add varying models to the already impressive models, there is no doubt that Toyota has taken its Lexus manufacturing technology to the next level.

For those who really want ultimate gratification and comfort in a car, the Lexus brand will surely provide such luxury for you.

Common Problems of the Lexus Brand

Although Lexus has been known as one of the finest luxury cars ever made, it doesn’t come without some problems for the users.

The good news is these problems can be effectively solved by following the instructions provided in the repair manual.

Let’s find out some of the common problems of Lexus and see how best to tackle them.

  • Problems with the engine’s valve timing

This problem is very common with the Lexus RX350. Here, the check engine light might show codes to indicate there is an issue with the engine’s valve timing.

To solve this problem, adjust the shaft timing valve. This should immediately correct the issue.

However, if the code shows P0505, then the problem is with the throttle body assembly, and in this case a replacement of the throttle will be more ideal

  • Air conditioning system showing error message

Some users have experienced this issue where their air conditioning system may show an error or flashes light indicating there is a problem. The main problem here is with the AC amplifier and can be corrected using a revised AC amplifier.

  • Discolored inside rear mirror

If your rear view mirror is discolored or it has become really difficult to see clearly, you should not worry about this because it’s quite easy to fix. To solve this problem a revised rear view mirror is always available.

  • Navigation system problem

Some Lexus RX350 may have navigation map issues after they have covered some kilometers.

To correct this problem, just install an updated version of the navigation map disc. Also, most of the user interface problems regarding heater controls, radio system, and GPs can be solved with a software upgrade.

  • Remote engine refuses to start in very cold environment

At a temperature of less than 22 degrees, some Lexus owners have discovered that their remote engine refuse to operate.  In this case, repair should not be attempted as this is quite normal for any vehicle to delay start until they are completely warm or in a warmer environment.

  • Display of the check engine light as a result of faulty O2 sensor

The problem usually occurs with Lexus RX300. Here, the engine light will illuminate, indicating there is s problem with the O2 sensor. To solve this problem, the failed sensor should be replaced.

  • Loss of oil Pressure or extensive oil leak

This is a serious problem where the VVT-I oil line can burst, which may cover the undercarriage, engine, and the ground.

The engine oil pressure will illuminate a message to indicate that the oil line has ruptured. If the rider fails to take note of this warning, the car will be starved of oil, eventually leading to engine failure.

Solution: Although Toyota has a revised version of the oil line, it will not permanently fix the problem as the revised version can still have the same issue. The most ideal solution is to replace the line, and thoroughly clean the undercarriage and engine bay. This should effectively correct the problem.


Lexus is a household name when it comes to luxury cars that provide extreme comfort and relaxation. The brand is effectively designed with all the great features to make your movement an enjoyable one.

However, sometimes there may be minor issues that may arise as you continue to use your ride. The repair manual is always available to help individuals scale through these issues it may have from time to time.

And it’s always better to take care of any minor problem in the car to prevent any extensive damage in the long run.


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