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Following his birth in 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini was on a path to greatness surrounded by flourishing businesses and high return investments.

His passion for speed and automobiles saw him build up his dynasty from a simple tractor manufacturing venture to a leading sports car manufacturing empire.

Ferruccio founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini in May 1963 and began work on his super-fast sports car that he envisioned would rival the then market leader – Ferrari.

Ferruccio was extremely passionate about this dream and would often be seen rolling up his sleeves to personally work on the cars, especially if he felt or saw that something was not being done to his expectations.

At the end of 1963, Ferruccio, with the assistance of expert engine designer Giotto Bizzarrini and mechanical engineers Giampaolo Stanzani and Giampaolo Dallara, launched the ‘350 GTV’ model.

His creative genius continued to grow and by 1964 he had designed and built Lamborghini’s first custom gear box. The ‘400GT’ model was the first to sport this new gear box and it eventually sold 273 units by the time its successor was created.

Through the years leading to 1972, Ferruccio and his team of experts developed award winning Lamborghini models that saw the company get recognized as the symbol of excess in the automotive world.

Due to labour union and managerial pressures, Ferruccio sold his stakes in the company to Swiss George-Henry Rossetti and Rene Leimer, ending his decade long reign as the sports car genius.

Since the departure of its founder, the company has gone through several trying moments including economic crisis, bankruptcy, talent loss and several changes in ownership.

Its successful rise in the market came to a drastic end in 1980 when the company was liquidated following the oil crisis initiated by the Arab-Israeli War of 1973.

In 1981 the Nuova Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini SpA was created when two sports car loving brothers, Patrick and Jean-Claude Mimran took over the failing company.

Through several attempts and variations of car models, the two brothers bowed out of the business and sold the company to United States Company, Chrysler, in 1987.

The ownership of the company would later change hands to Audi Motors in 1998 where its ownership remains to date.

From a pair of Swedish tycoons to sports car fanatics and multi-billion dollar automobile manufacturing companies, Lamborghini has always maintained its position at the top half of the best super cars in the world.

In commemoration of its founder’s 100th birthday, the company designed the ‘Centenario’ in 2016 as a reflection of the perfection, innovation, style and need for speed that Ferruccio Lamborghini based the creation of his masterpieces on.

Common Lamborghini Problems

Through its 50 years of existence, the company has faced several technical, mechanical and functional problems that fuelled its need to re-engineer its masterpieces to create the perfect luxury cars.

Although not common, Lamborghini cars experience a few problems that good knowledge of the vehicles, an experienced service team and a handy service repair manual can always fix.

  1. Unstable Engine Revolutions

Some consumers have noted that the Lamborghini Gallardo engine frequently fluctuates between high and low rpms when in drive.

This is risky as it may destabilize the vehicle and cause an accident.

Consumers are required to take their vehicles to their dealers for a detailed inspection of the engine. If fault is found then the vehicles software should be updated.

  1. Faulty Hose, Piping and Steering Connections

Following a recall of Lamborghini Spyder models manufactured in 2004, the company has taken major strides to correct this fault in future models.

It was found that the steering hose, piping and connections around the hydraulic system pump would leak during use.

If this happens in the presence of an ignition source like a cigarette, there may be risk of fire.

The power steering system should be updated as soon as the fault is noted.

  1. Faulty Headlights

In the 2012 Aventador model, consumers found that the vehicles’ headlights could not be repositioned vertically as is required by the federal motor vehicle safety standards.

This essentially meant that the driver could only reposition the headlights horizontally thus limiting their visibility.

Additionally, there was a potential risk of blinding oncoming drivers.

These two consequences could lead to an accident. Dealers are required to inspect the headlights and disable the horizontal aiming and enable the vertical aiming.

  1. Exhaust System and Fuel Tank Contact

This problem was noted in less than 5 vehicles in the Aventador 2012 model.

While driving in various conditions like rain or rough terrain, it was noted that if the vehicle was in full tank condition, the fuel would make contact with the exhaust system.

This is a dangerous condition owing to the fact that the risk of fire was tremendously increased. Consumers with this problem are required to take their vehicles to a dealer and have the evaporative emission system of the fuel tank examined and upgraded or replaced where necessary.

  1. Faulty Brake Discs

For consumers prone to salinity, there is a high risk of corrosion of the steel screws which keep the brake rotors secure.

Although made from stainless steel, these screws are vulnerable to salinity and such damage may cause them to not work properly consequently leading to failed brakes and, in worst case scenarios, a fatal accident.

Lamborghini made an international recall for all vehicles suspected to have this fault and consequently replaced all the stainless steel screws.

  1. Fuel System Failure

In 2010, Lamborghini recalled 2007 – 2008 Murcielago models that featured a faulty fuel tank.

The fuel pump inside the fuel tank is supported by welds which may detach during operation of the vehicle causing a fuel leak and potential fire hazard.

Service repair teams were required to completely replace the fuel tank in these vehicles.

Lamborghini is credited with the creation of what is today known as ‘supercars’ that several companies continue to invest in heavily.

As a Lamborghini consumer, it is important to do periodic checks and service on the vehicle.

Additionally, having an updated service repair manual at hand will make the visit to the car repair shop much easier, cheaper and more satisfactory.


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