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AutoVAZ, a reputed Russian car manufacturer, has a range of cars branded under the name Lada. Originally, Lada was the export brand name for the cars that were sold in the soviet market under the name Zhiguli. In the 1970s and 1980s, Lada was the most popular economy car in the Eastern Europe and Russia, especially in former eastern bloc countries.

Lada became successful because of factors like reliability, cost-effective, modest functionality and easy DIY-friendly mechanics.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Lada was exported globally and became a major foreign currency earner for the financially upset Soviet Union and in some countries, it was also used in barter arrangements. For example, Coca-Cola used Lada cars in the trade for its drinks and after that, these cars were shipped to the United Kingdom and sold.

The major portion, i.e. 60 percent of Lada cars were exported to the western countries but amongst them, the USA was the only major market that did not imported Ladas.

Lada reached many major markets in the 1990s e.g. it reached Brazil in 1990 after the car import ban was lifted and it also became the first official importer in the Brazilian car market.

In Brazil, Lada cars were mostly successful as commercial vehicles because of their cost effectiveness and reliability.

After few years, the models were regarded by local specialized media and consumers, as inefficient and outdated but it continued its success commercially.

One other factor responsible for its success was publicity. The cars were publicized as affordable imported vehicles for almost everyone and to have an imported product at that time was considered as novelty.

In Canada, importing Lada cars began from1979 and Lada 2106 was the first imported model that had a 1500cc engine. Later, other models such as Lada Niva, etc. were launched and the brand performed very well in Canada.

By 1992, almost 12,000 units of Lada cars were sold per year in Canada.

Later, the emergence of South Korean automakers in the low-cost segment led the Lada brand and dealership almost disappear from Canadian auto market. However, there are few Ladas that still circulate on the streets of Canada.

In the American continent, other countries where Lada made its presence are:

  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Jamaica
  • Trinidad and Tobago

In the Asia Pacific regions, the brand made its presence in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in the early 1990s.

In Australia, the most famous and sold model of Lada was Lada Niva.

Lada was the part of barter trade between Russia and New Zealand, and can still be seen in some rural areas. Due to complicated internal policies of Singapore, Lada left the country early but few Ladas can still be seen on the roads.

The European regions where Lada was a success are Finland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In these nations, most of the models of Lada were launched.

The brand became victim to many controversies as well, but successfully managed to overcome them.

Egypt and Turkey are the two Middle East and African nations where Lada was successful.

Common Lada Problems

Lada is one Russian car brand that successfully ruled the major part of the world for many years and can still be seen on roads of many cities. The car was very popular for its low-maintenance and cost-effective features.

After riding several miles, your Lada may experience some problems and if you know those problems with your car repair manual, you can get an early solution before any symptoms become a bigger problem.

Here, some of the common problems that Lada owners have reported over time are described.

  1. Timing Chain: Some Lada cars’ timing chains develop a noisy sound that increases rapidly. If not treated on time, it may lead to terminal damage to the head.
    The timing chain comes with a manual adjuster that needs to be adjusted after every 10,000 kilometers. In case it is not adjusted on time, the problem may occur.
  2. Noise and vibration in Gear Box: In most of the models of Lada Niva, the complaints emerge about the gearbox making noise and vibrating. This happens because of the unalignment of transfer-cases and gearbox.
    In order to run the car smoothly and lessen down the noise and vibrations, these two should be in alignment. Although vibrations and transmission rumbles will not completely stop but they will be minimized.
  3. Diff-Lock: Some Lada Niva users have complaints about diff-lock being felt as jammed in one place. The model Niva’s transfer-case features a center diff-lock and when engaged, it aids traction off-road.
    It is not advised to drive with diff-lock engaged on sealed roads. Engage it only on slippery or loose surfaces.
  4. Rust: Although most of the cars from Lada are exceptionally solid, some Lada cars get rust at the front guard’s bottom and on the plate behind the front wheel. This is because the area gets filled up with dirt and water. If you do not want to face this kind of problem, properly wash the plate by taking it out.
    Since these cars are made from thick steel, if any rust spots are attended early and rust-proofed regularly, then costly repairs or failures in future can be avoided.
  5. Fuse burnout: In Niva mode, some vehicles’ live fuse may burn out irregularly. The reason behind this type of failure is broken lamp switch. It is a metal caged switch that causes the fuse to blow because irregular short circuits occur internally.
    The other reasons of fuse failure may be wrongly wired or working loose door pillar lamps or the wires of reverse lamps broken or pulled away from the switch of reverse lamps. The connections should be checked and repaired in this case.


These are some of the common problems that users of Lada cars face after many years of satisfactory use. To save time and money in future, these problems should be noted down and you can use your Lada repair manual. Lada is one of the most successful automobile brands in the world with a high satisfaction rate.


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