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The Jeep is a prestigious car that is regarded to as the mighty and fearless. It is the true definition of power, strength and beauty.

The Jeep car has been existent for 75 years now since it was founded back in 1940. This was when World War II was taking effect and the car played a huge role in the military proceedings.

The first prototype of the Jeep was a military car that was crafted in 18 hours and the army was quite impressed as it surpassed their expectations.

It was referred to as the Willy’s Quad that featured the Go-devil engine, 60 horsepower and 105 foot-pounds force.

Work officially commenced on July 16th, 1941 when Willys-Overland Motors was contracted to build military cars.

The Bantam BRC Willys MB, was the original Jeep, four-wheel drive and was mass produced for the army.

Jeep is also popular for their civilian cars it has produced since 1945 when their production commenced.

It was an inspiration to others and even influenced the Rand Rover brand which is more or less a copycat of the Jeep.

Apparently, the name Jeep is a twist of the name GP which means general purpose. There have been many disputes and theories on the name if the cars and none seems to answer the question to another party.

In earlier years, the word jeep was used while testing new vehicles. So, in short, the definition of the word jeep was created which refers to a four-wheel drive car for reconnaissance and army duties and weighs about one-half to one and one-half ton.

The production of the Jeep cars continued even after the war was over and they became popular on the automobile markets.

After the World War II, Jeep tried out a number of designs and innovations including a vehicle that could be driven underwater.

In 1965, the M715 was produced and it was a military version of the civilized J-series truck, which was used in Vietnam War.

The first civilian jeep was the CJ-2A, then came the CJ-4 in 1951 as a prototype, the CJ-3B in 1953. They were referred to as the flatfenders since they had a flat front design.

The flat fender of 1955 was CJ-5.

The Jeep is part of the American Automobile groups that is referred to as FCA US LLC that is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

In terms of ownership, the Jeep car has been under many leaderships with Willys being the first to monitor the production of the cars followed by Willys-Overland.

The most prominent of the Jeep cars is the high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) that is today referred to as Humvee.

There are many mimicry cars that have been designed to look like the Jeep. As it passed down the line of succession from one owner to the next, its design was adopted by the car manufacturing companies.

The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee jeep cars were manufactured by an Indian Company called Mahindra and Mahindra limited.

There are several makes of the Jeep car starting with the military jeeps then followed by civilian jeeps.

Other Jeep cars include; Jeep DJ (dispatcher jeep), Jeep SJ (size jeep), Jeep Cherokee (XJ), Jeep Comanche, Jeep Wrangler, the ZJ, WJ and WK models.

Common Jeep Problems

With the different Jeep models, despite some of them being an all-purpose vehicle, they have their flaws. No car is perfect and even the most powerful and prestigious car has its fair share of problems.

Good thing is that, there are repair solutions for each problem you may face with your car. The jeep cars are unique and they have a strong sense of alluring people to liking their build and taste.

Even in the toughest of lands, a well-designed jeep car will maneuver through easily. However, take good care with the car for a longer time of service and enjoying the ride. Here are Jeeps common problems:

  1. Battery sensor damage: many owners of the Jeep Cherokee 2016 complained about the car having battery issues as a result of damage and spoilt battery wires as well. The real issue instigated was that after about 42000 miles, the battery could not hold charge.
    Battery sensor damage can also lead to issues where the car cannot start and it can barely move if there is no power supporting it. If you are having issues with the start and stop of your car or the battery is letting you down, you can always replace it for a better one.
    It is advisable to change the whole battery system including the sensor and wires, in case they are also damaged.
  2. Ignition switch problem: this is a common problem with the Jeep Wrangler model where the ignition switch which would not function properly. This often occurred if the switch had come into contact with water or impurities that would lead to short-circuiting.
    If your car is experiencing this problem, some of the symptoms include or clicking or cranking sound in the ignition and a jammed up engine that won’t start. The solution to this problem is having the ignition switch checked out to determine the root of the problem.
    Next would be replacing the switch and ensuring that all other parts connected to it are working effectively.
  3. Engine Problems: the jeep grand Cherokee 2011 had the most intensified issues with the engine. The cause of the defective engine was linked to a faulty totally integrated power module (TIPM) that would affect other parts. Engine troubles can get very serious and if not checked, they can lead to greater problems.
    The manufacturers of the 2011 jeep grand Cherokee took the initiative to sort the issue out and rectified the TIPM faultiness. If engine troubles have become too sever with your car, then opt for a new engine or replace the damaged engine parts.


Although the Jeep is like the grandmaster of all other Humvee car models, there are some issues it faces with its own makes.

The issues are not so common or prevalent after repairs but all that relies on the car maintenance.

The above Jeep problems are so minor in some of the vehicles and in others you will hardly hear of complains.

After a ride of several thousand miles on your jeep car, take it for servicing to ensure that everything is still in good shape.

In case of any problems, contact your retailer for repair options. For minor issues a car repair manual can come handy. So it’s always wise to have one.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair PDF manual” database on the web for all Jeep models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Jeep – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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