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It was over 30 years ago when Nissan decided to have a division that will focus on luxury vehicles. This division was formed with very little publicity and would concentrate on design, style and power.

It was decided by Nissan to be serious competitors in the European and American luxury car market in 1985.  Two years later Infiniti was born along with the logo. The badge depicts two central lines stretching into the horizon.

In 1989 there were two models that were introduced into the American market which was the Q45 and M39 models.

They were introduced using the Total Ownership Experience and was soon recognized as one of the market leaders in customer satisfaction.

The vehicle advanced and in 1995 they introduced the VQ series engine which was Infiniti’s new range of V6 engines.

This engine was designed for optimum power, torque and fuel consumption which was voted as one of the top 10 best engines for 14 years in succession. This engine was manufactured before the INFINITI Twin Turbo V6.

After offering cars for ten years Infinity decided to introduce the INFINITI owners club. This is a system whereby the owners qualify to get exclusive offers and travel opportunities.

This service is offered over and above the Total Ownership Experience.

From the year 2001 Infinity progressed into the modern technology era and introducing the intuitive reverse system.

The cameras project the image when the person is reversing onto the central screen in the car. The technology progressed further a year later to voice recognition.

Enabling the driver to take control of the car settings using voice commands and no need to take their hands off the steering wheel.

The design and development carried on with safety as a priority. Not only was it voted one of the best 10 cars but it also became the fastest growing luxury brand in the United States in 2003.

Along with the voice control, they also introduced the lane departure warning in 2003. This progressed to where the car would compensate by tapping selected brakes to ease the car back into the correct lane by 2007.

It was also the year when the 360-degree vision concept was introduced allowing the driver to have a complete all-round view while parking the car.

Infinity carried on developing their technology with a focus on safety features. They introduced the intelligent backup, blind spot intervention and by 2014 the direct adaptive steering.

The adaptive steering lets the driver filter the unwanted vibration and tailoring the steering in various different ways.

To improve their performance thinking and future technological collaborations Infinity decided to join the F1 action.

In 2011 they teamed up with the Red Bull Racing team who were at the time F1 Champions. After 5 years they decided to partner with Renault F1 Team to help enhance their low-emission performance building technology.

Infiniti believes in innovative developments and in this regard, they started the Engineering Academy where top students can explore their full potential at the fore of automotive and F1 innovation. This progressed to the INFINITI lab programs in Hong Kong in partnership with Nest an investment company.

Common Problems with Infinity Models

There are numerous problems with Infinity models that have been reported. Having a good manual can help you identify the symptoms and how to repair the problem.

  • Fuel Injector Problems-the Q45 have had some reports that drivers have experienced such as the engine would not idle, stall and have no power. The check engine light might come on and there would be engine hesitation as well. This could, of course, be a result of using lower quality fuel but these troubleshooting tips are well documented in service and repair manuals.
  • The Harsh sound from all wheel drive models is a common problem with the M35 model and ranges from models manufactured in 2006 to 2009. When the steering is turned there is a loud noise that comes from the front wheels whether the person is turning right or left. Since 2009 there is a revised steering rack in place which you are able to change to solve this problem
  • Check engine light and Engine stalling-it was found that crankshaft angle sensor and the camshaft position sensor can fail which causes the engine to stall and other driveability problems. There have been instances where these models have been recalled to have the sensors replaced. Check with your closest local dealer to establish if the model that you are driving qualifies.
  • Fuel filler hose leaking-a recall was issued for this problem and it is mainly for the Infiniti G35 models. The fuel hose would crack and fuel will leak which could lead to a fire. This problem covers the models that were manufactured from 2003 to 2008.
  • G37 Models having problems with the automatic transmission-the models that were fitted with the 7-speed automatic transmission could experience a harsh downshift in between 4th to 3rd when decelerating. There is a revised control module. If you have not experienced this problem ensure that when the transmission is serviced or repaired that the module is checked for the latest software and updated if necessary.
  • Increase in Engine RPM when breaking– some models have experienced this problem but there is an upgraded powertrain control module to solve this problem.

Other problems that have been experienced but in a small number is a timing change rattle. It could be the variable valve timing camshaft sprockets that need to be replaced to correct the problem.

Some problems have been found with the dashboard cracking and melting with the G35 models.


All makes of car develop problems and are not common for all the models but only certain ones. Having a service manual would allow you to check what the problem is once the symptoms are experienced.

That way you are able to identify the problem and repair it before you are left stranded. There are excellent manuals to ensure that you have the tool to identify and repair engine problems.


Purpose of this is to catalog and include one of most comprehensive, useful and accessible “automotive repair PDF manual” database on the web for all Infiniti models.

It’s your go-to source for learning all about Infiniti – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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