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Back in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company built a Cortina in Korea with the help of Ford. In the 1970s, Chung Ju-yang, the pioneer of Hyundai, employed George Turnbull, the former head of Austin Morris.

This was a brilliant move to bring in an expert mind with professional experience and a bright mind. George Turnbull went on to lead the development of the first Hyundai car.

In a span of twenty years, Hyundai manufactured and exported a high volume of vehicles to the United States. Hyundai has grown to be one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers just by properly utilizing the power of fresh thinking and new ideas.

In less than 50 years, the group has seen tremendous growth and Hyundai was selling well over 4 million vehicles by 2011.

The Hyundai motor group is a multinational family owned business with it’s headquarter based in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai is the largest vehicle manufacturer in all of South Korea and stands in competition with the rest of the world as the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer.

Hyundai comes only behind Toyota, Japanese manufacturers; Volkswagen, German manufacturers; and General Motors, American manufacturers.

Hyundai came about from buying 51% of Kia Motors, the second largest automobile manufacturers in south Korea. This all happened in 1998 and Hyundai still controlled close to 40% of Kia Motors by the year 2013.

Hyundai is the de facto representative of the conglomerate between Kia and Hyundai. There are many complex shareholder agreements forming the business and Hyundai is at the top of it all. After the Samsung group, this is the second largest conglomerate in all of South Korea.

Hyundai has one of the very biggest car manufacturing plants in the world. Their plant in Ulsan, South Korea approximately builds one car every twenty seconds. This is because the annual outcome is 1.5 million cars in a year.

The plant is well equipped with more than 34,000 staff and berths that accommodates up to three different 50,000 ton ships at the same time.

The plant is popularly known as the forest plant because of the 58,000 trees covering the landscape within the plant.  One of the most innovative plants in all of Europe also belongs to Hyundai.

The Nošovice plant in Czech Republic is very modern. The plant has waste management systems and is fitted with very high technology ensuring very high quality production. The impact on the environment is very minimal even as the level of production is high and all quality is maintained.

Hyundai brings designers together from all over Europe in the Rüsselsheim Design and Engineering Center in Germany.

This is a state of the art studio in which the very best engineers come to design cars for the European market. Design, engineering and manufacture of European cars is carried out in this studio.

Common Hyundai problems

  • Engine seized: the Hyundai Sonata seems to have a terrible and dangerous problem of possible complete engine failure. The fluid levels might seem to have no problem but the engine can seize at any time.
    For some cases, replacement f the lower part of the engine solves the problem and keeps such incidents from repeating itself.

    For other cases, the entire engine needs to be changed which could be expensive. When other owners did not want to bother, they turned the car into a junk/scrapyard piece but a manual might have the solution.

  • Premature wear of tires: owners of the Hyundai Elantra complain a lot about replacing their tires too often. Some tires have been reported not to be sealed and can go flat from rim leaks.
    The inner tire thread can wear down almost to the wear bars. The solution in some cases is to get a wheel alignment and suspension to fix the manufacturers problem.
    In most cases, owners just get new tires. All the options for solving this problem can be found by following and observing a manual.
  • Fuel gauge not reading correctly: the Hyundai Santa Fe model seems to have a typical problem of fuel gauge problem and engine check light coming on.
    After a few thousand kilometers, the fuel gauge does not work properly and does not relay correct information and the driver cannot tell what the fuel level is. the check engine light for fuel empty will keep coming on even if the tank is full.
    Even if you try to fill up the tank the gas pump might keep shutting off and you will have to hold the pump at a particular angle to fil the tank and be sure of sufficient fuel for a while. The only solution seems to be to replace one or both of the fuel sensors on the vehicle.
  • No acceleration from stop: the Hyundai Tucson has a common problem when the temperature rises above 24 degrees Celsius. Drivers begin to experience transmission failure and the car refuses to move after stopping at an idle point like a traffic light.
    This can be dangerous specially if it keeps reoccurring. The solution to this problem could be a software update to the vehicles system to stop such reactions. You can also get I touch with your detail and lay a complaint for a recall and fix by Hyundai.
  • Numerous electrical failures: although no problems will be found by a code search, the Hyundai Genesis can experience all of a sudden loss of of electrical functions. The car can shut off but start again with a jump start.
    This seems to happen when the car is parked overnight and no faults or anomalies are found after jump start.
    The electrical fault can also extend to the dash board where drivers sometimes experience multiple flashes of warning lights. The wipers can also start coming off and on without control.
    The window shades can occasionally go up and down on their own. Whether it is the electricity in the car completely turning off without notice and without fault, or it is the electrical functions working on their own without control, this is a huge security risk that can leave you open to danger or leave you stuck by the roadside.
    The car can suddenly begin to function on its own again with no fixing needed.


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