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From the early age of 10, Enzo Ferrari was determined to become a race car driver after watching the 1908 Circuit di Bologna race.

This dream was to be realised 11 years later. Coming from a humble background, Enzo did not receive proper formal education and was inducted into the family carpentry business at an early age.

At the age of 16 he served as mule shoe maker and blacksmith in World War 1 and was later discharged in 1918 following a serious battle with the flu.

His father and brother were however not as lucky since the pandemic had claimed their lives two years earlier.

On returning home in 1918, the family business was no more and this drove him back to his passion, motor car racing.

After a long unsuccessful search for a race driver job, he finally settled for a test driver position at a local car manufacturer, Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali (C.M.N).

This was to become his gateway into racing as he was promoted to race car driver a year later.

As his prowess in racing grew, he joined the Alfa Romeo racing department in 1920 where he took part in various racing competitions until 1925 when his friend and fellow driver Antonio Ascari died in a motor car accident.

He opted for a ‘safer’ lifestyle and was reassigned to the development and management of Alfa Romeo race cars.

During this period, in 1929, he built the first successful race team known as Scuderia Ferrari which boasted some of the best drivers of the time.

This glorious reign of success continued until 1939 when Enzo fell out with Alfa Romeo management and decided to chart a new path.

In 1947 he founded Ferrari S.p.A that produced ‘Ferrari’ branded race cars.

His cars maintained a good competing record at the tracks and were to later, in 1950, debut at the first Formula 1 World Championship where the brand’s presence continues to dominantly sit more than 60 years later.

For Ferrari S.p.A to stay profitable, Enzo embarked on road sports car manufacture for sale to the public.

The company’s success was to be cut short at the end of the 60s due to financial constraints.

It was becoming more difficult for Enzo to keep both the racing and car manufacture business profitable on his own and thus he sold 50% of his company to FIAT in 1969.

He maintained sole creative and management control of the racing interest of the business while FIAT mainly concentrated on the manufacture of road cars.

His racing team’s success would never return to its previous glory under his watch following many reasons including death of 7 drivers in the 1950s and 1960s.

Enzo breathed his last on August 14th 1988 at his home in Maranello, Italy.

Ironically, his racing team has achieved major success post 1988 with big star drivers like Michael Schumacher winning the World Drivers’ Championships 5 years in a row between 2000 and 2004.

Following the death of its founder, FIAT S.p.A bought Enzo’s remaining shares in the company increasing their ownership of Ferrari to 90%.

The company was renamed to Ferrari S.p.A in 1989 and under the management of FIAT S.p.A, Ferrari continued to flourish in both the race car and road car categories.

Between the years 2000 and 2002, FIAT S.p.A sold and bought back some of its shares in Ferrari S.p.A in order to maintain profitability in the struggling market.

In a memorial gesture in 2002, the company named one of their best performing models ‘Enzo Ferrari’ after the company’s founding father.

Today the company is owned by the newly restructured Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group.

Common Ferrari Problems

Ferrari is the world’s most successful racing team with a host of state of the art, classy and high-end road and race cars under their portfolio.

Owning a Ferrari is not only prestigious affair but the cars are also a fashion statement and as such should be cared for with utmost precision.

A service and repair manual is a worthwhile companion for all Ferrari owners because it comes in handy when solving those rare but difficult problems that the vehicles encounter.

  1. Exhaust Head Faults

There is no direct link to what causes the Ferrari F355 models to have an exhaust head failure. Such a failure may cause the vehicle to be totally damaged or even cause the engine to fail permanently. Replacing an exhaust head could be an expensive affair but is the only known way to remedy this fault.

  1. Valve Guide Problems

Ferrari models are fitted with weak bronze valve guides that are prone to fail under any RPM. Valve guide failures may cause the engine to fail and lead to expensive repair or replacement costs. Vehicle owner are required to inspect their vehicles periodically and replace the valves as soon as they are found to be damaged.

  1. Transmission Failure

Over time, the Ferrari transmission may fail. This is mainly because of the effects of driving the car over long periods of time. This failure will cause the F1 pump to fail consequently affecting engine performance. If unchecked, this is a potentially costly repair therefore regular inspections and checks should be carried out on the transmission system to ensure it is in good condition.

  1. Cam Variator Failure

In earlier Ferrari models, it was found that the vehicles suffered a fatal cam variator failure. This failure was attributed to manufacturing errors. A cam variator failure can cause the engine to fail and this could be a pricey affair for the vehicle owner. Users with the older versions of Ferrari are advised to visit a repair and maintenance professional to have the faulty systems replaced with newer, more stable versions.


These classic prestigious vehicles offer the best service over long periods of time and this is proven by the fact that Ferrari cars, both road and race cars, do not experience many mechanical problems.

Nevertheless, as a Ferrari owner, it is advisable to keep a service and repair manual handy so as to understand the workings of the vehicle and to make vehicle repair, fast, easy and more affordable.


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