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Nissan is the parent company that owns the automobile brand, Datsun. Datsun on its own started producing vehicles in 1931. The vehicles that were exported by Nissan from the year 1958 to 1986 were known as Datsun.

But Nissan stopped using the brand name Datsun in the year 1986. Today, Datsun is a common name in the automobile industry because Nissan re-launched the brand in 2013. The emerging economies are the target market for relaunched Datsun, which is currently focusing on low-cost vehicles.

“Datson” was the original name of brand/car which Dat Motor Company launched in 1931. Nissan acquired it in 1934 and changed the name from “Datson” to the presently famous Datsun.

There are many vehicles that became popular worldwide under the name Datsun. Some of them are Fairlady roadsters, 510, the Fairlady coupes and the latest, Datsun Go.

Datsun was already a successful brand in Japan way before the Second World War. Nissan, after acquiring the brand, began producing the vehicles under the name of Datsun.

At that time, Nissan used to produce all the cars under Datsun brand and only commercial vehicles produced fell under the brand name, Nissan. Then the company entered the American market in 1958 and successfully exported the cars under brand name, Datsun.

It was in 1960s that some of the automobile models were launched under the brand name “Nissan” and they were some high-end models of cars. One such car was Cedric which was a luxury-type sedan.

The company registered its business in America as “Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A.” but the small cars that were exported to US were still using the name Datsun.

In order to strengthen the name of the company, Datsun name was stopped being used all over the world and the vehicles were made available under the brand name, Nissan.

It was a step to making Nissan a stronger and bigger brand like Toyota. This name change campaign lasted for three years from 1982 to 1984 and the vehicles that hold the badges named Datsun came fitted with badges that stated, “Datsun by Nissan” or simply “Nissan”.

Various campaigns were also launched that costed the company around US$ 500 million. Datsun was a renowned name and even five years after the campaign, it remained more common than Nissan.

It was the date 20th March 2012 when Nissan announced that the brand name Datsun would be revived and low-cost cars will be launched under this brand.

The target market chosen for Datsun were South Africa, Indonesia, Russia and India and in July 2013, the Datsun vehicles rolled out in the market.

Nissan’s view on this launch was that the market share in emerging economies will be gained through company’s values and reliability. Today Datsun models are sold in all the emerging markets it targeted, i.e. India, Russia, South Africa, and Indonesia.

Moreover, the company started and is successfully operating in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Lebanon. People of all these regions know the car as Datsun-Go and it is available in many variants.

Common Datsun Problems

The engines of Datsun cars were very well built and performance wise also they are good. But, with time and usage, some problems may occur which no one can stop but if proper attention is paid to the different parts of your car, you will successfully save many dollars because the early detection of problem will also get early and simple solution.

Some of such common Datsun problems usually faced by users are mentioned here:

  1. Wet Floors: In the Datsun Z cars, this is a common problem. After a hard rain, you may sometimes find watered floor under the mats. The water leaks from the body seam between the cowl and the firewall.
    The two tiny drain holes under the wiper motor and in front of windshield might get blocked by dirt and cause the water to get stored around center wiper motor area. If the holes are cleaned, the problem will be solved.
  2. Steering Wheel: In some of the Z models, it is found that the steering wheel vibrates. The reason for it may be imbalance in tires.
    The tires should be balanced in order to stop the vibration of steering wheel. If the problem persists, then following changes can be made:
  • Wheel bearings should be tightened/replaced.
  • TC bushings should be replaced with urethane.
  • Steering rack bushings should be replaced with urethane versions.
  • Tie rods should be replaced.
  • Front end should be realigned.
  • In the steering columns’ spider joints, check for free play.
  • Get new shockers.

Your vehicle may or may not require all these replacements, it depend upon your vehicle’s condition and performance. There are chances that your vehicle might require only one or two replacements.

  1. Fuse: The Datsun 240 cars have a common problem of fuse blowing frequently. Sometimes, even after changing all the bulbs, re-soldering the fuse box, cleaning all the connections, and replacing the headlight switch, the fuse keeps on blowing. The reason for this is poorly made front turn-signal sockets.
    All the marker/signal light sockets should be checked because sometimes rotated socket wire base can reverse terminals. This will cause the fuse to blow.
  2. Burnt Center Terminal: In some of the Datsun MSD 6A cars, the problem of melted center terminal that touches rotor’s top and also melted rotor top occur. The engine will not show any flaws. The distributor cap center terminal is responsible for this fault. When it is pulled out, you will find there is only a tiny spring behind the button that contacts rotor.
    The complete output from the coil is carried out by this small spring and it burns the cap. To avoid this problem, the spring should be replaced with a heavy version.
  3. Oil Pressure Gauge: In some early Z models, oil pressure gauge may read zero at idle. After serving for around 15-20 years, some Datsun cars may get issues with oil pressure gauge. It can be easily get replaced.

These are some of the common problems that any Datsun car may face anytime. If you are aware of these problems, then you can judge them early from the symptoms using the repair manual and get them resolved.


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