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Chrysler was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler. Before then, it was under a different name, Maxwell Motor Company, which was rebranded into Chrysler Corporation.

Walter was well known for his recovering techniques of ailing automobile corporations, and Maxwell Motors was his second job.

Walter Chrysler Joined Maxwell Motor Company in the early 1920’s where he was supposed to overhaul the troubled operations of the company, like he had done with Willys-Overland Car Company.

The production of Maxwell Motor Chalmers automobile came to a halt in late 1923. Walter took this opportunity to his advantage and in January, 1924, the first Chrysler automobile was launched.

It was a 1924 Chrysler six that encompassed a high compression six cylinder engine and four-wheel hydraulic brakes. It was a true definition of deluxe and advanced car features customers would enjoy to the fullest.

Walter had opened a new forum of car production and the people were actually loving the innovations and designs he incorporated in the automobile.

The 1924 Chrysler main features were a high compression engine, carburetor air filter, an oil filter and full pressure lubrication that other automobiles lacked.

This made it special and different from competitive brands of its time. Needless say, the first Chrysler automobile had favorably been priced to meet most of the customer’s budget.

Chrysler once again made history in the automobile book when he developed a wheel with a rigged rim.

The aim was to prevent the wheel from flying of the car’s wheel in case of a punctured tire. It gained popularity with most automobile companies and sooner than later, it was adopted worldwide by different motor companies.

In 1926, Chrysler Corporation saw the production of its other automobile brands that were Maxwell badge-engineered. They were lower priced and had four-cylinders.

This helped Chrysler Corp. make a name for itself in the automobile industry and was among the best two in 1936, based on the sales they had made.

Two years down the line, Chrysler Corporation adopted a new strategy and divided its vehicle offering into three.

This relied on the price, class and functionality. It continued with its rebadging automobile production and saw the likes of Plymouth and Desoto, brands being launched with its four-cylinder engine.

In the same year, 1928, Chrysler bought the Dodge brothers company and continued producing its fine line of automobiles and Fargo range of trucks.

From the first automobile production, the Chryslers had the imperial name and it was held down the line for its brand automobiles.

In 1955, they decided to make imperial their own make to enhance competition with its competitor brands.

Through the decades, Chrysler made new relationships with other companies that provided value to its make’s and has seen the rise of many new inventions in the automobile industry.

Unfortunately, in 1970’s the years were tougher for Chrysler as their customers sought new smaller cars and because of the oil crisis, Chrysler could not deliver to their demands.

There was also strict laws put forward in automobile exportation which brought more problems to the brand.

It claimed its glory with the K-car brands which once again lead to increased sales. Chrysler Group LLC made a change in name back in December 2014 to FCA (Fiat Chrysler) US LLC.

Common Chrysler Problems

Chrysler has a number of automobile brands with each one exhibiting difference and uniqueness in design and features.

As much as the cars exude elegance and class, they have their fair share of problems with the automobile productions.

It is not something new, especially with older and used makes since there maybe one or two things that may have worn out with time or have been overused.

However, all in all, whether you have the Pacifica, Sebring, 300 or 300M, crossfire series or their wide range of vehicles, you might encounter a few issues that need immediate repairs.

  1. Brake problems: the Chrysler Sebring has been termed one of the most problematic Chrysler brand for a couple of their makes. It basically has two main brake problems with one of them being support reinforcement for its ABS hydraulic unit.
    The other, is about the premature break pad wear that becomes a headache if the brake light switch is improperly adjusted. If you are facing either of this issues, you need to contact the Chrysler dealers to ensure the problems are handles to avoid any serious accidents on the road.
  2. Automatic transmission: this was common with the 2014 Chrysler 300 which were later recalled for repair. This was a serious issue as the transmission would either stay in parking or rather go off on you. The common automatic transmission issues include the car locking its self and prohibiting you from accessing some of its features.
    In worst scenario, being stuck in traffic is frustrating and you need to have the tow truck company come and get it for you. The repair module for such kind of problems is a computer fix where the car is adjusted to restore the functionality of its features.
  3. Engine troubles: the Chrysler 300C, 2006 make has common issues with the engine. If your car has serious engine issues, then it is high time you take it for checkup. It’s not once or twice a customer has complained about their car breaking down on them on the road after driving for few miles.
    In most of the engine problem cases, the cause can be related to the pan that may have been damaged or the engine just blowing up or one of the engine coils going off. So if you the 2006 Chrysler 300C, be keen with the engine and in case of issues, inform your dealer ASAP for a replacement or a quick repair fix.


Despite the prestige reputation the Chrysler automobile brand holds, there are a few of its makes that have proved to be problematic.

However, if you have any issues with your car, you need to report that immediately before the whole car is in a wreck. If all repairs are done well, then the numbers of Chryslers going for repairs and maintenance will be minimal and you can be guaranteed of a smooth ride.

Looking further into the problems, you will not find them with new makes but down the line, the issues may start prevailing and persist.

So, ensure you take your car regularly for servicing and if something has worn out, make repairs immediately for lesser cases of problems with the car.

However, make sure you have a car repair manual for quick fixes of smaller issues.


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It’s your go-to source for learning all about Chrysler – when you can’t find it elsewhere.

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