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The formal name of Chevrolet is Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, which is a huge automobile division of GM. Shortened to Chevy, it was founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durrant. At that time, it was known to be the Chevrolet Motor Car Company.

After multiple actions done by Durant for reverse merger and then finally his ousting in the year 1919, it was Alfred Sloan who came up with a new brand idea and tagline where he said, “A car for every purse and purpose.”

This immediately gained popularity among masses and Chevrolet became a volume leader amongst all other vehicle by the General Motors.

It started the mainstream selling and aggressively competed with the then very popular Model T by Henry Ford until it succeeded in overtaking and became the best-selling car among all in 1929 in the United States.

General Motors has its Australian subsidiary also, which is named as Holden. Apart from Oceania, it is distributed everywhere in the world under the brand name of Chevrolet.

During 2005 in Europe, Chevrolet went through a rebranding and repositioning phase in that particular region where it was manufactured by GM Daewoo that had its origin in South Korea.

They used the then popular tagline that gained immediate recognition, “Daewoo has grown up enough to become Chevrolet”. With these rebranding measures and re-launch activities, General Motors was hoping to bring Chevrolet to the mainstream vehicles in the automotive industry.

In the same way, they moved Opel and Vauxhall up in the ladder in Germany and the United Kingdom respectively. Nevertheless, they took back the decision and halted all such activities in 2013 when they announced the withdrawal of the brand from Europe excluding the Camaro and Corvette models.

Before making this announcement, in 2011, GM had fully acquired GM Daewoo and launched their GM Korea division. This brought an end to the last Daewoo vehicle, which was replaced by Chevrolet.

Chevrolet has a huge influence over the North American automotive industry where it produces and sells a range of automobiles from compact vehicles to commercial trucks. Chevrolet has over the years gained recognition and is called by various named including Chevy as well as Chev even sometimes as a synonym to the firm and its different product ranges.

There are various milestones that Chevy has achieved over the years. One of them includes the bowtie emblem, which was first ever used by Chevrolet in 1914 for their H series models as well as the L series. Over the years, various versions of the bowtie logo has been used by the company and even different colors are used to denote different types of vehicles that Chevrolet offers.

However, in 2004 Chevrolet came up with idea of unifying of all the logos with the same color, which was decided to be a gold bowtie. This measure was taken as to differentiate the brand from Ford and Dodge, the two brands considered to be the domestic rivals of Chevrolet.

Common Chevrolet Problems

There are a few issues that Chevrolet users often identify and notify to their Chevrolet dealers using their repair manuals. These include the following:

  • Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation

Several customers have complained of the fuel level sensor to fail that eventually causes this erratic fuel gauge operational issues. At time, specialists suggest that if you have driven thousands of miles already, then probably it is time for the fuel pump assembly to get replaced.

Thus, over high mileage possibility – it is recommended to be replaced. However, if you have gotten the car in recent past you should look into your warranty manual because as per the service policy, the warranty cover fuel level sensors of cars.

So, it is recommended to check with your dealer if it is under warranty because almost 50% of the cost that comes from repair work will be paid by the company. The coverage was extended by the company for up to ten years or upon running it for about 120,000 miles.

  • Head Gasket

Issues related to head gasket may also occur anytime. You should look for symptoms like more and more apparent issues in the drivability of the car and even if the leaks of the head gaskets becomes very frequent.

You may think that head gaskets usually immediately fail but many a times, they give hints before failing to function altogether. The symptoms reach their maximum when the leak has already come to the point of engine oil passage. This means that your engine will be very difficult and troublesome to start in the first place and it will also be very rough when idling. The engine would also be very frequently overheated.

Once, you see any of these signs using the repair manual, you got to have your car inspected by the specialist because driving with a failed head gasket can bring serious problem for you.

  • Water Pump

Another common problem with Chevrolet is that you might have to replace your water pump very early. The diagnosis of the issue can be made by checking on any leaks as well as wet area around the pump. If you have kept the engine on, you may also use a stethoscope around the water pump bearing area to identify any abnormal water noise.

If it is newer model, then the issue will easily appear on the computer and you can check for the relevant issue codes. In case any of the symptoms are identified, you would have to replace the water pump.

If you are thinking to drive your car even with a persistent water pump problem, then we will recommend not to do so. This is because the coolant circulation that keeps the engine on a proper temperature won’t work properly and this will lead to overheating of the engine.

Once the temperature in the engine rises, other issues like head gasket damage, leaks and eventually motor failure may occur within no time.

Make use of your car’s repair manual to solve all such issues.


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