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The official name for Cadillac is Cadillac Motor Car Division, which is a General Motors’ division based in the United States.

It caters to the American, Canadian, and Chinese markets specifically, but the vehicles are also distributed in over thirty four more international markets.

Cadillac has always been known as the top-tier automobile name within the luxury vehicles market, especially in the United States where the sales for 2016 exceeded 0.17 million; while in the same year, the sales were more than 0.3 million globally.

Headquartered in the New York City, it was founded by William Murphy, Henry M. Leland and Lemuel Bowen in the year 1902. It is also one of the oldest names in automobiles and was named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.

This time around, it was owned by its then owning firm Henry Ford Company and was later purchased by GM in 1909. By then, it was in the premier luxury vehicles’ league while later it entered the mass consumption league.

That was the time when technological advances were at its peak and leveraging that the company introduced breakthrough automotive inventions, including steel roof as well as clutch-less transmission.

It also began to use three engines with its newly launched model then and thus the American automotive industry witnessed a new era of modern vehicles.

Cadillac has won several international awards popular in the automotive industry. This includes the Dewar Trophy that was awarded by the United Kingdom’s Royal Automobile Club in 1908.

At that time, Cadillac was the first ever US manufactured car to win this award while demonstrating effective interchangeability of the car components.

Following this, the company came up with an all-new slogan for Cadillac that was “Standard of the World”. The same award was bestowed upon the brand again in 1912 for innovation in electric lighting and starting.

Going through a little history of the Cadillac, we see that the very first models of Cadillac including Tonneau and Runabout were two-seater carriages, which got completed in 1902. These were powered by a 7kW engine.

The following year’s Ford Model A was pretty identical to these previous two models. In the first ever auto show that was organized by the firm, they were able to impress the spectators and the masses and succeeded in gathering more than 2000 orders.

Some of the major milestones that Cadillac as a company has achieved include the formation of The Cadillac Motor Company that happened in the year 1905 after the merger of Leland and Faulconer with Cadillac Automobile Company.

Moreover, the precision engineering performed on the Cadillac is another highlighting factor that has built its brand reputation and facilitated in its premier ranking.

After the purchase of Cadillac by the General Motors, it was incorporated in the prestige division of GM.

It should also be noted that in the hierarchy of vehicles, Cadillac was positioned at the top of Buick, Oakland and Oldsmobile. Later on, it was also positioned at the top of Chevrolet.

Common Cadillac Problems

If we are to talk about the Cadillac SRX problems, we should understand the background of this car model first. After it was introduced, General Motors started receiving reviews of the problems in timing chain. Following this, GM itself extended the warranty years to 10 years or to 100,000 miles. It didn’t make a recall though.

Moreover, as a policy also, GM introduced a six-month interval for oil changes instead of a year. Let’s now see the common problems that can be detected and fixed with your repair manual.

  • Daytime Running Light

It might have a daytime running light issue and after running the car for some thirty thousand miles, it might run out. Moreover, the main problem is with its replacement because gaining access to the running lamp as well as the turn signal is a troublesome activity; as the lamp is found at the backside and is covered with a plastic bezel. So, it is nearly inaccessible.

The best solution is to remove a total of 6 T15 screws so that the bezel would come out easily. This is because you won’t be able to reach to it form the top position as well as from beneath because of the bumper’s location.

Perhaps, replacing it will take a lot of your time as compared to how much the bulb costs because it would be very inexpensive. You may get a specialist to do this task or do it yourself using the repair manual.

  • Tire Pressure Warning Lights

This is perhaps one of the problems that majority of the General Motors’ cars face. Its weak tire pressure warning light system is sometimes very painful to be dealt with. However, General Motors improve their warning lights system with each year and each model.

So the models that are produced in recent past are have better tire pressure warning lights than the ones produced earlier.

Usually, on cold mornings customers say that the pressure in the tires decreases. Sometimes, in the evening when you pick up a nail on your tire, the light might not give you any warnings and you might get into trouble after driving a few miles.

Thus it is important for you to keep a check on the pressure of the tires and in any situation where you find it to be less or decreasing gradually, you should make a stop and have them checked.

  • Inaccuracy in navigation system

Another issue brought to notice by the 2012 SRX customers is that the car had inaccurate reading in terms of its navigation system.

However, you need to ensure if this issue is covered in warranty because GM has included this under warranty in the recent past. So, if you not sure, you should inquire this from your dealer.

So, as soon as you might encounter such an issue, you need to refer to your dealer right away and get the issue fixed.

  • Check Engine Light

Just like the tire pressure warning lights, the check engine lights might also have some issues and may have a faulty system. This has generally occurred in the 2007 SRX model.

However, usually this issue is also covered under warranty so you need to check with you dealer if there is any. You can also get help from your car repair model in such a situation.


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