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Buick is an automobile manufacturing brand that is highly famous for the production of different kinds of luxury vehicles.

The brand name has been in the market for quite some time now. With the introduction of Buick in the year 1903, it is among the oldest American car manufacturing brands that are still selling their products in the market.

Before they made their cars available to the general population, Buick started off with two different prototype models to test their capabilities.

Model B is the first ever Buick car that was made publicly available to the general market. It was known among the common public as ‘couch on wheels’ keeping in view its luxurious interior and overall stature.

The car contained a bi cylinder engine that was capable of delivering a performance of 20 horse power. There were two forward gears along with a reverse gear.

With the success of their first model in the market, Buick continued the production of luxury vehicles. Numerous models were launched and majority of those cars received a lot of appreciation from the consumers.

Model F is a Buick car model that is categorized among the most successful cars ever manufactured by Buick. As a matter of fact, some of the historians even classify this model as the basis behind the success of General Motors.

This model was yet another demonstration of quality, luxury and power at the same time. Not only that, but keeping in view the features offered by the automobile, the price tag was very reasonable.

The success of one model after the other helped Buick become the most popular selling auto company in the entire USA.

With the advent of the World War II, Buick factories were retooled by the owners and their focus got diverted to manufacturing Hellcat Tank Destroyers.

After the war was over, the company stepped back into the automobile business and continued the manufacturing of high end vehicles.

One of the main reasons behind the success of Buick is the fact that their models were so reasonably priced that the consumers never turned towards any other car brand available in the market.

The Buick models manufactured in the 1960s and 70s delivered highly contemporary designs.

In the 1990s, the sales of Buick suffered a blow as the market had shifted towards different kinds of automobiles and very fewer people were left in the Buick admirers club.

With the decline in the sales graph of Buick vehicles, General Motors tried putting in all possible efforts to bring the youthful buyers back into the game of Buick dealerships.

In the current day market, Buick is available in several different countries including Taiwan, Mexico, Israel, China and Canada.

The car brand does not hold the same level of popularity it used to carry in its earlier days but it is still highly appreciated by a reasonable number of consumers in the entire world.

Common Buick problems

Just like any other car brand available in the market, Buick cars may also be vulnerable to different kinds of problems with their functionalities.

In case you are planning on buying a used Buick car, it is important for you to make sure you are fully aware by the certain downsides exhibited by different models of this brand.

Some of the most common problems that are generally exhibited by Buick cars are discussed below in order to give you a generic overview about what to look out for.

ABS braking system

Some of the Buick models are known to exhibit problems related to the anti-lock braking system of the vehicle. For instance, the Buick Allure 200 Catherine is often found malfunctioning the ABS system. The brake light often turns on, needing the owner to get them checked properly.

So if you are looking at buying this model, it is strongly recommended to get its braking system properly checked by a reliable mechanic before finalizing your deal with the seller.

Front seats lack the desired comfort level

Buick was considered to be a luxury car back in its earlier days but the definition of modern day luxury is probably redefined by some of the other car brands available in the market.

Keeping that in view, it has been noted that the front seats of some of the Buick cars lack the level of comfort that a buyer might expect out of such a car.

If you are planning on buying this car any way, it is recommended to get a nice pair of leather covers for the front seats to enjoy a better experience.

Mileage issues

Some of the earlier Buick models still available in the market are known to provide poor mileage. Numerous people have reported the fact that their Buicks are only providing a mileage somewhere in between 30 to 32 miles per gallon.

If you are interested in buying a Buick car, it is recommended to consult a good automobile expert in order to get a report on the overall condition of the car’s engine.

Issues with car sensors

A few of the Buick models sometimes tend to exhibit some issues with the car sensors installed in the dashboard.

For instance, the Buick Allure 2007 has repeatedly reported the issue of the airbags lights getting turned on every once in a while.

So before you buy a Buick car, you need to get its electrical infrastructure properly checked from a qualified electrician in order to avoid any inconveniences later.

Issues with steering transmission

The steering transmission in certain Buick models sometimes exhibit signs of malfunctioning.

Since it is known to be one of the most sensitive parts of the entire car, it is strongly recommended to get the entire steering assembly thoroughly checked if you are looking forward to buying any Buick automobile.

However it is always a good idea to keep a car repair manual when you have a car. Many issues can be identified and solved using it. Make sure you have one so that you have a quick fix for many issues unless they are major ones.


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