How to Install ELM327 WIFI OBD Scanner on Android/Apple iOS
Posted by Alex E. on 02 October 2014 06:35 PM
elm327 wifi install

This guide explains how to connect ELM327 WIFI scanner to your Apple/Android phone or tablet. (For Windows, click here.)


  1. Plug ELM327 WIFI Scanner into vehicle's OBD2 port. (Port is usually found on the driver side dashboard under the steering wheel.)
  2. Turn ON ignition. (This is one step before engine is powered.)
  3. On your device — go to "Settings" > "Wi-Fi". Connect to the Wi-Fi signal with name similar to these examples: WIFI ELM327, WiFiOBD, OBDDevice, V-Link.

    NOTE: It can take up to 30 seconds for WIFI signal to show.

    Password to connect to WIFI: 12345678

  4. Launch your OBD App. (We put together a list of best OBD apps here.)
  5. Go to Apps Settings and configure it to look for WIFI. (This article explains how we did this for Torque. Same principle applies to any OBD application.)
  6. OBD App should now successfully connect to your vehicle.

    NOTE: If OBD App still doesn't detect the WIFI connection — then force quit the app and launch it again. (To force quit inside Android, use "Task Manager". Inside iOS, double-press the home button.)

    If you still can't connect, then refer to troubleshooting below...


Troubleshooting Tips

If ELM327 WIFI successfully connected to your device — but fails to be recognized by the OBD App:

  1. Force quit the app. With Android, use "Task Manager". With iOS, double-click the home button. Then launch the app again and see if it connects. If it still fails, then...
  2. Within Apps settings, configure WIFI IP Address to (or and set Port to 35000. (Or number that sellers/manufacturers page has stated. Check their website where you bought WIFI ELM327.)


If ELM327 WIFI fails to connect to your Tablet/Phone:

  1. Edit settings for the ELM327 WIFI signal. By default it will connect to DHCP settings. Set it to Static and enter the IP Address "" (or and Subnet Mask to "". Connect again within the App.




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