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Affiliate Program

"If you can copy-and-paste, then you have what it takes to start earning REAL affiliate commissions for life..."

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Here's 3 reasons why should join today and start recommending Total Car Diagnostics car products...

Easier to earn money then with other car product sites. Because we're not just mechanics. But expert marketers with 20 years of direct-marketing and copywriting experience combined. Meaning every product description is infused with psychological nuggets to increase the chance of your recommended visitor buying - hence you making money with less effort on your part and faster. There's nothing more frustrating then sending a visitor to a site which has no idea what it takes to win over someone's trust and purchase. This problem is taken care of for you.

Future commissions to you without any work on your part. We don't stop the communication cycle after the first purchase. But continue recommending other related products. And when future products are purchased by your visitor, you continue getting the commissions.

Your recommended buyers will love you. Because we treat all buyer with respect. Like our own brother or sister. They'll be pampered with fast, personalized customer support, instant-refunds if they choose, and loving technical support. All this leaves a positive impression on YOU, since you're the one who's recommended them us in the first place.



Want to build a full-time, profitable online car business? Or merely supplement your present online income? Either way...

With Total Car Diagnostics affiliate program — you'll soon be able to earn 10% commissions for some of the hottest high-demand car products and services in the industry.

... and we're adding new products every month — hence improving the chance of you making sales even easier because of such vast range of products to suit every type of mechanic, technician, DIY'er, car enthusiast or vehicle repair shop.

All you have to do is refer somebody to any one of our product links using your affiliate link, and if they buy anything from us — you will get a commission for every product or service they purchase. We'll pay you via PayPal every 30 days.

It's completely free to join. Get started right now by creating a new account below...

(Affiliate Terms of Service: See what you can and can NOT do...)