Here's a Sample of What Total Car Diagnostics AutoCom Scanner / Tuner
Can Do With Your Car...

(We Tested It On Our BMW X5, 2011)


Monitor Airbag Various Modules


Perform Various Manual/Automatic Transmission Functions / Tuning


Climate control
Perform Various Climate Control Functions / Tuning


Dynamic Stability Control
Perform Various Dynamic Stability Control (ESP, Stability of car) Functions / Tuning


Modify / Tune Various Engine Functions


Adjust Cooling Fan / Radiator of Car


Fuel Pump
Adjust Fuel Pump Behavior


Immobilizer / Alarm
Adjust Immobiliser / Alarm Functions of Car


Instrument Clusture
Perform Various Instrument Cluster Related Functions / Tunings / Adjustments


Scan Car
Intelligently Scan Every Component of Car for Instant Health Preview


Call Vehicles VIN number from ECU Chip



Note: This only relates to improved and modified Total Car Diagnostics version of latest AutoCom CDP as located here.
Ours is not the cheap China clone you'll find all over the web.