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BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. It is a German company that manufactures high end automobiles and was established in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp.

According to a survey carried out in the year 2012, BMW is known to be among the most trusted and admired automobiles manufacturing company besides Mercedes and Audi.

BMW is known to be the parent company to Rolls Royce motor cars that is highly famous for manufacturing royal class luxury vehicles.

The company is currently associated with the business of manufacturing cars as well as motor bikes.

The line of BMW motorbikes goes by the trade mark of BMW Motorrad. BMW is one of the three automobile companies (alongside Mercedes and Audi) that are responsible for earning the tag name of the German Big 3.

As discussed above, BMW was established by Franz Josef Popp in collaboration with Camillo Castiglioni and Karl Rapp. It was first known as Rapp Motorenweke that came into emergence as an aircraft production company.

At the end of the World War I in 1918, the company was asked to put a stop to the aircraft manufacturing business so they turned to producing motorbikes in the year 1923.

Later in the 1950s, the company decided switching to the sector of producing automobiles and they have been here ever since.

It was the year 1966 when Hans Glas company was acquired by BMW in the pursuit of going through with the automobile manufacturing business.

The first ever manufacture of BMW was given was based on an Austin 7 model and was given the name of ‘Dixi’.

Later in 1992, a massive industrial establishment was acquired by BMW in California which marks the start of the US chapter for the company.

Considering the entire manufacturing process and quality incorporated in the production of every single one of BMW cars, the company was voted to be the most triumphed automobile company in the entire world.

As of the year 2012, they have successfully manufactured as many as 1845186 cars in addition to 117109 motorbikes.

Over the time span of the last two to three years, the ongoing production levels of BMW cars and motorbikes have seen a massive rise.

In the present day scenario, BMW currently owns 6 different assembling establishments across different parts of the world and is now focusing entirely upon manufacturing cars that are meant to meet the demands of the entire market.

In addition to being one of the most reliable brands in the area of motor cars and motor bikes, BMW has also been greatly successful at numerous F1 races as well.

Not only that but the company has also been proudly sponsoring a number of different leagues and sporting events across different areas of the world.

Harald Kruger is the current CEO of BMW while there are two major owners.

Stefan Quandt currently holds the ownership of 29% shares of the company while 21% shares are owned by Susanne Klatten.

The rest of the 50% is owned by public shareholders.

Common BMW problems

In case you are considering buying a second hand BMW automobile, it is really important to keep a few things in mind in order to make sure that all your interests are taken good care of.

As evident by their successful operations in the entire world, BMW may be thought of as one of the most highly trusted and reliable automobile brands in the entire world but keeping the common BMW problems may help you choose the best among the best.

So in order to help you out in this regard, some of the most common problems that are sometimes exhibited by BMW automobiles are listed in the sections below.

Leakage of coolant around water pump (BMW 7 series)

In case you feel like there is some sort of coolant leakage somewhere around the water pump of a BMW 7 series car, it is strongly recommended to go for an immediate diagnosis.

This sort of leakage may arise due to a number of reasons and is fairly common in the 7 series BMW cars. It is strongly recommended to get a thorough check up for the car in such a scenario in order to ensure that the actual problem is discovered and is taken care of.

Steering wheel shakes upon the application of brakes

This is another common issue experienced by the 3 series automobiles of BMW. In the initial days, upon the application of light breaking, your steering wheel would start shaking. With the passage of time, the issue might get worse if nothing is done by the owner about it.

In case you believe that your potential buy is showing signs for this kind of issue, it is strongly recommended to replace its control arm bushings. However, if you believe that the issue has grown stronger, have the vehicle thoroughly checked by a certified mechanic before making any purchasing decisions.

Door locks

Another thing to check for before buying a BMW car is the operational capabilities of its door locks. All you need to do in this regard is to stand about 10 feet away from the car and hit the lock button. If all the locks work fine, you are good to go.

It is pretty normal if one of the locks doesn’t work properly.

Hydraulic lifter noise

A few of BMW automobile models might experience different kinds of lifter noises specifically at the time of ignition. If you are looking at a car that has been normally used for short trips or city driving, it is highly probable of experiencing this kind of issue.

The reason behind this issue is the lifters getting prematurely worn out as a consequence of several short trips. This is due to the fact that a BMW engine requires warming up to a certain temperature to perform optimally.

But when the car is used for short trips, it gets shut down before it even reaches that temperature.

However, it is always helpful to have a car repairing manual to have a quick fix for simple and less troubling mechanical issues. Nevertheless, you should always consult a certified mechanic in major issues.


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