How To Connect Torque App to ELM327 Bluetooth / WIFI (Setup & Troubleshooting)
Posted by Alex E. on 06 April 2015 08:25 PM

This article will show you what settings you need to update inside your OBD app — for it to successfully detect your ELM327 Bluetooth or WIFI connection.

In this case, we focused on Torque. (See list of our other recommended OBD apps.)



Step 1: Connect WIFI/Bluetooth To Your Tablet or Phone

If you haven't already done this, then go here for Bluetooth (or) WIFI instructions.

In summary before going to Step 2 below, you should have successfully paired EML327 Bluetooth/WIFI to Tablet or Phone — and car ignition should be ON (one step before engine turns on).


Step 2: Update Settings Inside OBD App

You need to set OBD App (in this case Torque) to either search for Bluetooth (or) WIFI. If this is not done, then Appwon't detect the ELM327 scanner. This should be done on any OBD App, because all work similarly.

How Instructions:

  1. In Torque, go to "Settings". Updating these 2 settings:

    torque lite bluetooth wifi

  2. Tap "Connection" and choose either "Bluetooth" or "WIFI", as seen below...

    torque obd settings

  3. Tap "Device" and choose name of connected ELM327 Bluetooth/WIFI signal. Some common examples you may see: OBDII, OBD-II, WIFI ELM327, WiFiOBD, OBDDevice, V-Link.

    Or it may have nothing. In that case, it's still ok.
  4. Now force close Torque via "Task Manager" on your Android device. And launch Torque again. This is because many OBD Apps for some reason won't apply new settings unless you close it completely, and launch it again.
  5. That's it. It'll now successfully connect to vehicles ECU. Ensure car ignition is on.

    If Torque (or any other App) successfully detects ELM327 Bluetooth/WIFI device, but it still does not connecting to car — then reason for that is your vehicle is not OBD2 compatible. Click here to check if your car is OBD2. If your vehicle is not OBD-2, then only option is to take it to mechanic for them to use their $3000+ scanner like SnapOn.
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