Free Test OBD/OBD2 Software for Your ELM327 Scan Tool Interface...
Posted by Alex E. on 03 November 2013 12:43 AM

Ok, so you have your ELM327 USB scan tool interface, and now you're looking for a decent free ELM327 software to test it on your car?

You're in right place. Basically we went over dozens of free OBD software found on the web and weren't happy with any. The software either didn't detect ELM327, or only worked on certain biased brands of ELM327 USB/Bluetooth. As for WIFI, none of the free ones work on WIFI ELM327.

Finally came up with solution. EasyOBD software (or even any generic obd elm327 software) works on both your ELM327 USB and ELM327 Bluetooth.

Let's get started right away...

Step 1: Download, extract and install this test OBD software. Do not launch it until Step 4 below.

Step 2: Connect your ELM327 USB scanner / Bluetooth interface to your laptop and car.

Any of these scanners/readers will work: ELM327 ElmElectronics, ELM327 China Clone, ElmScan 5, OBDLink, Autotap AT1, AT2, AT3, AT123 (v2.x), VIA LDV100, LDV200, LDV300, LDV123, Multiplex Engineering T16, ELM320, ELM322, ELM323 (v2.x), ELM327 (all versions), Any SAE-J2534 compliant OBD-II interface., OBDPro, All-In-One, OBDKey

Step 3: Turn on car ignition. (This is one position before car engine turns on)

Step 4: Launch EasyOBD software. It will automatically detect your ELM327 reader and the car's ECU unit. Then it's all yours to play with. (Don't worry, it's impossible to 'damage' anything in the car's chip. OBD is only capable of READING data. Not changing data.)


If everything is working fine — you will get all 5 green lines in the EasyOBD ELM327 software.

If you get first 3 green, and last 2 red — this means your car is not OBD2 compliant. If this is the case, don't panic! Contact us, tell us your car model/year and we'll confirm and recommend what scan tool interface you need to scan your vehicle.


If you're looking for a professional, powerful and reliable OBD / OBD2 / ELM327 software for your car — you may be interested in TOAD. Used by over 1.5 million car owners, mechanics and service centers... it's considered one the most advanced diagnostics tools on the market.
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