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Can TOAD Tune/Reprogram/Remap/Flash My Car's ECU Chip? (Chiptuning, Chip tuning)
Posted by Alex (Im) E. on 12 March 2013 12:40 AM

All questions about chip tuning / reprogramming / ECU flashing / changing car's data, performance or behavior... can be answered by reading this "How To" article.

So to answer any question about this process, I'll explain it like this...

Actually before you continue below, you should know that chip tuning is only recommended if you have previous chiptuning experience or time to learn it.

So besides outlining the process of tuning and what is involved — you will also be somewhat tested if you are READY and WILLING to do it.


TIP: If you want to learn ECU programming, there are hundreds of tutorials online that'll teach you just by Googling: "ECU chip tuning"or "ECU programming". Of course, TOAD chip tuning software will also point you to some excellent programming resources online, to get you started, or improve your existing skills.



So let's get started...

Yes, TOAD© Software can tune cars. Meaning change cars performance, how it functions or behaves. This process for us techno-nerds is called chiptuning.


How Tuning Works & What's Required From You:

Yes, TOAD software can tune vehicle performance or change the way it behaves.

However, first and most important step is: You must FIRST find a tuner that supports your car model/year.

Because the tuner is what will extract the cars data to your computer, as a file.

Then you can edit this file inside TOAD editor, make changes, and upload the file back to car using the tuner.

So basically, to tune successfully you need 3 things to get started with confidence:


  1. TOAD Tuning Software: Allows you to edit car's ECU data. Here is a screenshot of included TOAD ECU tuning software...

    ecu editing software
    TOAD ECU Map Editing Software: Enlarge

    It may be overwhelming at first. And it is! But an hour or two and you'll ge the hang of it.

    Basically all you are doing is changing the numbers that correspond with different behaviors within the car.

    Example: Torque has number 1-255. On your car, it may be currently set at 200. Well, you can increase this to 210.

    The other side of tuning requires HEX editing skills. And this is the reality 95% of the time, which is ABSOLUTELY REQUIERED.

    Good news is there are many online resources that will teach you about HEX. Also, TOAD will include additional resources and online forums that discusses everything related to tuning / programming.

    As a final test if you are READY and WILLING, here is basics of tuning and the kind of editing skills you need to know.



    This is needed because it's purpose is to download/upload cars map file to your computer.

    There's many tuners available.

    Which one to get?

    Whichever supports your car. They are all literally the same. Whether a tuner costs $2000 or $200, it does exactly the same thing.

    So get whichever tuner supports your car. That's the only criteria to common question of "Which one do I get for my car?".

    You can find the best tuners on the market here.

  3. Identify or Find Car's ECU Part Number: To make sure it's compatible with the tuner kit in #2 above.


Summary To Tuning a Car:



Plug tuner into car. Load it's software. Turn on car ignition. Press "Download Data / Read".


Open TOAD ECU editing software. And open the file you downloaded from car in Step 1.


Make changes to the file via HEX editing.

Example: Find and change data that correspond to: torque, BHP, RPM to gear change ratio, etc.


Save the file inside the TOAD ECU editing software.


Go back to tuner software, open the file from Step 4, and press "Upload to Car / Copy".


WARNING: Always have backup of original file! If vehicle misbehaves, then upload original file from Step 1.


That's it! By doing a successful tune — you've just saved yourself thousands of dollars on doing custom tune at a car shop. Including saving on future additional fuel costs and unnecessary brake-down repairs.


So if you are still READY and WILLING after reading this article, then get started by:


  1. Get TOAD software.

  2. Get a Tuner Kit that supports your car. (If none support your car — then tuning is not possible as we already include the best tuners in the world that cover maximum range of cars).

  3. Identifying or Finding Car's ECU Part Number: To make sure it's compatible with the tuner kit in #2 above.

    Here are additional High-End professional tuners that may support your car(s):

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