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Where is my Cars OBD Port Located? (OBD2 DLC Locator)
Posted by Alex (Im) E. on 21 October 2011 08:14 PM

Click here to discover where your vehicles OBD-2 port is located.



OBD port connector is within 3 feet (91cm) of the steering wheel.

The port can be black or white.  This is an example of what it looks like:


Normally, this port is located just under the dashboard above the gas or brake pedal.  It can normally be located by simply looking under the dashboard or running your hand along the bottom edge of the dashboard until you "bump" into the connector.

Here are some examples of where your port may be located:

obd locator location 

where is obd port found

There are other instances where the connector is behind a cover panel to make its appearance more appealing.  In these cases it's necessary to open that panel to gain access to the OBDII port.

Here are some examples of it behind a cover:

car diagnostic port location    

obd connector location

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