How to Install Ross-Tech VCDS 18.2 Software (1st gen, VCDSLoader.exe)
Posted by Alex E. on 17 May 2018 12:59 PM

This article will guide how to install VAGCOM / VCDS 18.2 Cable & Software. It's for 1st gen version - which requires VCDSLoader.exe file to be run inside c:\Ross-Tech\VCDS folder.

Else VCDS software will give infamous message "Interface not found", when performing: Options > Test.

Begin by downloading VCDS from download link provided inside email at time of shipping. If didn't get it, please check spam.

  1. VAGCOM cable should NOT be plugged into laptop.
  2. Install “VCDS-Release-18.2.0-Installer.exe” (MUST tick/check on "Install 32-bit EXE on 64-bit System". If option is grayed out, don't worry. Go to next step.)
  3. When installation is complete, do NOT run the software.
  4. Download file and extract it. Also extract inside it. (Yes we know some browsers will block the download, claiming dangerous file. VCDSLoader has nothing to do with virus/maliciousness. Thus download safely. We use it every day.)
  5. Copy “VCDSLoader.exe” into c:\Ross-Tech\VCDS

    Some Anti-Virus Packages may falsely suspect VCDSLoader.exe - yet it's 100% safe - as seen here. Hence file is 100% safe. If Anti-Virus software blocks it, please mark file as safe. We use this on our own computers daily. Hence no harm.

  6. Plug VAG-COM cable into laptop.
  7. Launch file “VCDSLoader.exe”. In future, always launch “VCDSLoader.exe” to start VCDS software.
  8. Go to: Options » Test

    It should show "Port Status: OK" > Save > You're now ready to scan your car!


    VAG-COM 12.12 USB If this step shows "Interface not found" - then you own 2nd gen VAGCOM, which does NOT need VCDSLoader.

    In this case, uninstall VCDS. And delete c:\Ross-Tech folder. Then go here for proper install instructions. Also forget about this VCDSLoader solution, since you have 2nd gen version. :-)
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