How To Install KESS Car Programmer Hardware and Software
Posted by Alex E. on 04 April 2017 05:10 PM

This article shares how to get started with your Alientech KESS (clones) car programming unit, and how to install it's software...

Most Important RULE is NEVER be connected to internet before launching KESS and during use of KESS software. If online software / firmware update is performed, it will break the KESS device and void warranty.

KESS ignore update

kess ignore internet update

These 2 screenshots are to remind you to NOT update KESS from internet.


Install Instructions...

Process to getting started is:

  1. Do not connect KESS unit to computer yet.
  2. Make sure internet/WIFI is turned OFF.
  3. Install KESS software as given by vendor.
  4. When install is done, close KESS software.
  5. Now connect KESS unit to PC via USB. Let drivers auto install.
  6. While internet is OFF, launch KESS.
  7. That's it.



Troubleshooting Driver Issue:

kess drivers
What correctly installed KESS driver looks like.

If there's a yellow triangle (device error in windows) next to "USB Device", then you need to go through below instructions to install the driver FIRST, before you can use KESS software.


If KESS doesn't install drivers properly (Yellow triangle), then:

Connect KESS to PC.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel.

Windows Vista/7/8/10: Control Panel » System » Device Manager
Windows XP: Control Panel » System » "Hardware" tab » Device Manager

Step 2:

Expand: Universal Serial Bus controllers

Step 3:

Right-click on USB Device > Update Driver Software > Browser my computer for driver software > Inside box, put: C:\Program Files (x86)\USBDEVICEDRV

Make sure "Include subfolders" is ticked ON. Also Internet should be DISCONNECTED.

Let it install driver.

Now yellow mark next to "USB Device" should be gone.


Still now working?

If yellow mark is still not gone next to "USB Device", then unplug USB, then connect it again.

Yet, still now working?

If yellow mark is STILL not gone, then: Right-click on "USB Device" > Uninstall.

Then unplug USB from KESS.

Then go to: Control Panel > Programs and Features (this is same as "Add or Remove Programs") > Find and Uninstall: Driver USBDEVICEDRV (1.00.011)

Next step is to install it again by going to: C:\KSuite\Driver > And double click file: Driver_USBDEVICEDRV

When install is done, RESTART computer.

Then connect USB to KESS Unit. Now check, and yellow mark should be gone from: "USB Device"

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